Automation featuring Control4 & Crestron

EA-5 -  System Controller


BEST USE: Large Homes / Dedicated Home Theaters / Audio & Video Distribution / Centralized Lighting / Light-commercial

Crisp, clear, high-resolution audio and the horsepower to connect and automate hundreds of devices in the largest of homes.

We designed the Control4 EA-5 to deliver the ultimate smart home experience, featuring the highest quality audio and the processing power to control, coordinate and automate hundreds of smart devices in any home

  • Multi-core processor for high-performance automation
  • Advanced audio subsystem delivers high-resolution audio with 118dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Five audio outputs: HDMI, two digital coaxial, two RCA analog stereo
  • Five-port Ethernet switch, 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band MIMO WiFi capabilities
  • External ZigBee antennas for rock-solid wireless connectivity
  • Built-in power supply and included rack ears for reliability and simple installation

EA-3 – System Controller


BEST USE: Multi-room Audio / Dedicated Home Theaters / Small-Medium Homes / Premium Secondary

The versatile EA-3 is the perfect fusion of high-resolution multi-room audio and smart home automation for small to mid-sized homes.

  • Multi-core processor for high-performance audio processing and automation
  • Dedicated high-resolution audio with three audio outputs (HDMI, 3.5mm Analog, Digital)
  • Two-port Ethernet switch and 2.4/5 GHz WiFi connectivity
  • Built-in power supply or PoE+ for flexible installation behind any TV or projector



BEST USE: Family Room Entertainment / Small Homes / Economy Secondary Controller

Built specifically for the family room entertainment experience, the EA-1 and SR-260 combine to deliver the power and performance to automate all entertainment devices in a single room at an affordable price. But don’t stop with just entertainment—include lighting, a thermostat and even a connection to the security system, and you’ve got a new, long-term customer for your business.

  • The most versatile one-room entertainment controller at a $600 price point.
  • Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor for high-performance audio processing and automation
  • Single audio zone
  • Four IR and two serial outputs (shared with IR)
  • Ethernet and 2.4 GHz WiFi for IP-controlled devices and streaming services
  • ShairBridge



Now in a beautiful, large format, the 10” Tabletop Touch Screen delivers always-on, dedicated, and mobile control over all the technology in your home or business. A one touch solution to all of your entertainment, atmosphere, lighting and security needs. It’s that simple.





Control 4 – Smart Watch APP

Free yourself completely and control your smart home from your Apple Watch .

The Control4 iOS app now includes a native Watch app for controlling your smart home. The new app gives you quick and easy access to your home, right from your wrist. Control the audio or video playing in a room; enjoy quick access to your custom buttons, for the whole system or just one room; and activate a lighting scene or turn on only one light. Learn more about the Apple Watch app.

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     Working together, they provide comforts like waking up to your favorite music while gently bringing light into the room with automated shades, all slowly transitioning to indoor lighting and the morning news waiting for you on a screen near the breakfast table. As you leave, automation can adjust utilities to conserve energy and secure your home until your return.  Home Entertainment is-

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  • an Imaging Science Foundation member

Our team includes full-time Electronic Systems Technician II & Residential Networking Specialists.

     Audio, video, and security systems need access to a reliable network system to best serve you throughout your home, and increasingly, when you’re away from home. The world is going wireless.

     Our technology engineers know the importance of connectivity, so they build our systems on network infrastructure designed for rock-solid reliability. Our experience with commercial and public projects, including power management systems, provide the technical foundation of our robust network solutions.